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Elegance of Suzzanne Douglas Cobb

Her talent will be missed

Our Latest Blog Entry

July 8, 2021

On Tuesday July 6, 2021, television and film has taken a loss of another beautiful and amazing performer. The news of the passing of actress Suzzanne Douglas, was first announced on social media from a young woman claiming to be the actress niece. The shocking news was confirmed Wednesday July 7, 2021, by Douglas representative who told CNN in a statement on Wednesday, "The industry has lost a truly talented artist with the passing of Suzzanne Douglas," her publicist Penny Vizcarra said. "She touched everyone who knew her and was lovely in every sense of the word. The family appreciates your support and asks for their privacy during this difficult time”. Cause of death has not been shared, there is speculations yet unconfirmed that the actress was battling some form of cancer, Douglas was 64.

Our Second Blog Entry

March 12, 2022

TMZ has dropped a major bomb before me the world that we lost a beautiful spirit with so much humor and so much sunshine that her spiritual light up the world for days at age 50 Tracy Braxton lost her battle from cancer

Our First Blog Entry

July 25, 2021

Sad news came July 22, 2021.  The death of Frankie Lons, hit hard especially for many of us who were always cheering her own to win.  We all had the opportunity to get to know Ms. Lons, by watching Kiesha Coles BET reality series "Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is,"

Ms. Lons was never afraid or ashamed to speak about her past and current demons.  The reality series in my opinion showed Lon's really accepting her failures and not accepting judgment behind them.  Its hard for many addicts and individuals who have lived a hard knock life to accept their traumas as others trauma especially when their life decision affect their children. 

I remember watching the show and feeling the pain Kiesha continuously expressed, how Kiesha truly wanted Frankie to see how her life was affected by her mothers choices.  Kiesha had to deal with finding who she was and who her father was.  To some viewers Ms. Lon's came across as selfish and uncaring of her daughters pain, but honestly she truly could not apologize for a journey that she did not choose but allowed. 

"This is so hard man. Can’t really even find the words. SMH. I honestly don’t even know how to feel," Cole captioned her post. "You can never prepare for something like this… Ever!!! but you will be missed. It’s crazy because… For weeks I’ve been quoting you, from the goose that laid the golden egg, to calling Neffe shoes slow burners, cause they were bought scuffed up already your humor was unmatched!!!" Cole wrote on her Instagram

Cole added her late mother was "naturally so funny, that's what I loved about your personality… we all did."

I pray deeply for the family at this time.  I also can not help for the other families who are dealing with love ones captured in the entanglement of drug abuse.  We can't judge a person for their struggles, their temptations or the demons they face.  Praying and continuing to love rather its distant, tough or even silent.  LOVE on them.