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SPF(Sassy, Prayed up and Fierce) of the month

T​amara Bra​xton

Tamar Braxton is showing us how the joy of the Lord is her strength!


Tamar Braxton Instagram page

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Sassy N' Saved SPF of the month

Tamara Braxton

My Sassy N’Saved sister is truly on her GLOWup

  I am so excited about Tamar's' joy, and the Lord is truly glowing all over her. Tamar is in a peaceful place, and I pray that she stays there.

My Sassy N’ Saved sister is truly on her GLOWup, she is proudly taking control of her and loving her "she". People cannot determine who you are and where you are going Tamara is proving that she is in control and has taken ownership of her past behaviors, the responsibility of her mental health, and is showing her fans, her grown woman style.

  Since the premier of her hit WEtv show “The Braxton family values”, which she is also has creator credit for. Tamar was the sister that you could either relate to being or relate to having.

  Tamara defiantly appeared to be the bratty baby sister, and from just watching the show honestly, it made her appear selfish, immature, and flat out mean. Not saying that Tamar was not loved by fans, let us never forget she was voted the fans favorite and she has a troop of Tamarshains to prove it.

  Tamar's ups and downs, have been documented on the tv screen. It has been no secret that Tamara has had a love/hate relationship with the television industry particular "Reality TV", that has almost cost her life.  On July 16, 2020, David Adefeso, Tamar's boyfriend at that time, found the song stress unresponsive, in her Los Angeles condo.  David called 911, stating that  Tamara had been drinking, and had taken pills. The attempt of suicide was  due to ongoing contract dispute between the "Love and War", singer and her than network, WEtv.

Today, there is nothing but shine falling upon her beauty.  Tamar has let her voice be heard and has informed the world that she will not be rejoining her sisters on their hit reality show "The Braxton Family Values'".  Although she will certainly be missed, and her non presence will impact the show greatly, Tamar is still busy working hard as a single mom, and business women.

Tamar has launched her own Podcast titled "Under Construction", that can be found on multiple outlets.  The show is a plat form that allows the listener and the guest to heal out loud, the show is Tamar's personal ministry as tries to normalize mental health issues.  

Tamar Braxton has her own brand of fashion clothing and shoes called the Tamar Collection. Her shoes have a red-orange insole lining with “TAMAR” stamped on the sole and insole.  There have been numerous reports that the collection is cancelled or at least for the moment.  You still can snag some of her fashions online. 

During a recent interview on E.T. (Entertainment Tonight), Tamar said she planes to do more work as a producer and would rather be behind the camera than in front of the cameras.  OH! I got to tell you that my boo said she wa shade free.  The sassy part of me is going to miss the old "Taye", but the saved me says "YeZZZZZZZZ", girl do it because less drama more blessings.

From her Grammy nomination, Soul Train tribute , producer, and show creations, the most important job she has now is spreading  the ministry "God is good".  We do need light love and inspiration, I'm so grateful that she has said that in her interviews.